»Economical thinking
ecological planning
sustainable winning«

LEED Certificate: The most successful international system

The American LEED model is an internationally recognized certification system and stands for »Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design«. For more  than 10 years, this system has set world-wide standards in the development and planning of so-called »green buildings«, i.e. extremely high-performance eco buildings.

The system’s standards represent consciousness, efficiency and healthy use parameters – for commercial as well as private buildings. The term »green« is becoming a valuable image element for forward-thinking companies, especially, when it comes to aspects of sustainable cost efficiency, future responsibility and eco friendliness.

LEED Comissioning: Permanent powerful operation

The LEED certificate places a great deal of worth on the technical capabilities of the facilities on your property to operate as long as possible in the planned areas of efficiency. With this goal in mind, the commissioning authority manages all aspects of the LEED project, from start of operations, technical inspections and transfer of undertakings, through to monitoring of your property for 10 months after delivery. This process allows the commissioning authority to ensure that building services  were implemented and brought into operation properly and thus guarantee the longterm high performance of building services.


Our engineers have extensive experience working with these requirements and operate as the commissioning authority independent from planning and execution interests. Well versed in all fields of building technical systems – electrotechno-logy, supply engineering and public health engineering as well as instrumentation and control technologies – we represent our principal’s interests by creating solutions for sustainable and efficient building operations.

LEED Coordination: Fulfilling conditions reliably

The LEED certificate requires a central management instance on the part of the principal. This instance usually operates independent of planning and execution interests. In this position, the LEED Coordinator from LCEE controls implementation of the specifications in the planning and execution phase.


With our comprehensive coordination and consulting services, you will find the best possible solution to lead your construction project to the targeted LEED certification level. LCEE supports you and all of your project participants with our skilled LEED accredited professionals right up to assuming responsibility for the certificate.

LEED Management: Transparency creates security

The LEED certificate places high standards on all project participants. Integral planning and the resulting execution of building services conform to American rules and standards. It is therefore elementary for you as the contracting firm or general contractor to have an understanding of the necessary requirements previous to the offer preparation.

With years of experience executing LEED management, we consult the accountants and accompany your site manager through the entire construction phase. This not only provides you assurance in materials selection but also throughout the construction process, for example, waste management, ensuring ambient air quality as well as other areas, such as erosion and sediment control.